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How would it feel to finally see yourself the way your loved ones see you?

  • Do you feel having your photo taken pushes you outside your comfort zone
  • That you're not photogenic enough
  • Are you looking for someone to hold space for you and make it safe so you can really be seen

It’s totally normal to feel vulnerable coming into a session, especially if you are not normally in front of the camera.¬†We will work together to design a session where there will be space for you to open up and show your true essence.

Your essence is what everyone who knows and loves you, sees when they look at you.
That is what I want to show you.

In one shot I was seen, listened and acknowledged by Angela.

She captured what I wanted to communicate professionally and personally. The talent was there but more importantly, her empathy was immense.
When you are changing the path of your life and career you need people on board.

Definitely, Angela is one of those.

I absolutely love working with Angela and enthusiastically recommend working with her to others.
Her passion and heart can be felt from the moment you meet her.

With her you get a complete experience. Someone who genuinely cares and is invested in the outcome for you. The remarkably beautiful images as a result speak for themselves.

She came out and captured an intimate Mother & Daughter Retreat I was hosting and her grace and attentiveness honoured the women who were there.
Giving space when was needed and still capturing captivating moments they may never otherwise get to see for themselves. She provided a unique opportunity for them to view their relationship in a very special (and maybe even new) way. That’s a gift.

The best part of the experience was Angela’s energy, attentiveness and dedication to capturing moments in an intimate and respectful way. Couple that with her raw talent and the outcome was a positive experience and stunning images.

I loved having my photos taken by Angela!
She is so warm and welcoming, and immediately set me at ease.

I don’t have many photos of me because I’m usually taking photos of my family. The photos that do exist, are not flattering at all.

Angela made me feel beautiful and even sexy, and gave me the gift of seeing myself as that again. I would highly recommend this to any woman… especially moms who often don’t get to feel that way.

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