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Photography by Angela McConnell
Jungle Jim Documentary Pictures

I had the pleasure to join the team at Jungle Jim Documentary Pictures a couple of weeks ago to shoot the Australian Body Art Awards held at the Daylesford Town Hall.

I was able to indulge my candid photography bug and shoot the works in progress during the day and then jump into the studio and shoot the finished products after the judging process.

Some candid shots of work in progress. The artists started around about 1pm and depending on their catagory, had approximately 6-7 hours to complete their artwork on the models. The models were amazing! Not only did they in some case have to stand in the same position for hours but they aren’t able to pee the whole time!
It was very interesting catching glimpses of the concept art for the pieces as well. In some cases it was very well planned out and others were using reference photography or illustration to design their finished pieces.

The studio shooting was pretty hardcore, although I tend to shoot fast, I am used to being able to take my time and if needs be talk to my models/clients about the direction we are heading in, consult reference pieces or just chat. No chatting at this shoot. This was shooting hard and fast – approximately 1-2 minutes per model with the aim to capture as much detail from the overall artwork.

Here is a selection of the studio shoot for the finished works. The divisions were split up into Doubles (painting in pairs), Special Effects and UV/Blacklight.

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Maria Mormile · April 10, 2012 at 11:10

thanks for taking great photo’s. The ABAA is on again in just a few weeks. Oh and by the way we don’t torture the models! Lol. Yes they can go to the loo and they do. It’s just a little tricky but not a problem. thanks Maria (producer of the ABAA)

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