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We are on the move again, hopefully for the last time in a little while at least! We are coming to the end of our first month in Toronto, and about to move into our apartment in The Annex area of Toronto.

Its such a cute little neighbourhood, lots of dogs, lots of squirrels, a great little coffee place and the subway is close enough but not too close! Also major bonus points for a large LCBO (you can only really buy alcohol from these places instead of from the supermarket) at the end of the street and an English pub with beer gardens at the other end 🙂

The best part is that we get to see our cats again YAY! Its funny how you are so attached to the little furballs, but when you are apart for an extended period of time you sort of forget what owning pets is like. I will have to get used to being covered in fur everytime I wear black again! Which brings me to the furbunnies that tagged along with our furniture from Melbourne….disgusting furbunnies!

These things have a life of their own and I am seriously going to start naming them the same way Cyclones/Hurricanes are named, they just spawn everywhere!

We have had a busy month, and seemed to get over the jet lag pretty well. We fit in a weekend away to Montreal for my birthday which was fun.

Famous Church – Montreal (I am so good at remembering the names of places!)

Cute little birdfeeders hung in the trees in the park – Montreal

Some awesome architecture – Montreal

More architecture on a blue sky day – Montreal

Looking at the mini glaciers at the port at Old Montreal

Geoff and me at the port at Old Montreal (its actually not as cold as it looks!)

Plus our friends from West Footscray, Janelle and Matt popped in on their way to Niagara Falls and we did a bit of a walking tour (wander) around Toronto.

The CN Tower on a cloudy day – the elevators go up inside glass windows which I think would make me vomit a little 🙁

The Roundhouse where all the trains used to go for maintenance, now a furniture shop and the Steam Whistle Distillery

The Toronto skyline looking north from the Roundhouse – lots of construction going on at the moment!

So that’s us for the moment! I am not looking forward to be internet-less for the next couple of weeks but cant wait to sleep in my own bed again!
Also the studio is almost back! At the moment its a bit horrific as there are boxes and crap everywhere, but once my lights arrive (joy!) and its all set up, I will be shooting again and posting more photography related stuff.

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