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Thought I would post a few photos of what I have been up to this week

I went to high tea with some of the other Ubisoft ladies at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel downtown. We had lots of lovely sandwiches and cakes, and lots of Tea! My favourite was the Cherry Rose tea mmmmm

I went to Chinatown and Kensington Market on a beautiful sunny day… lots of interesting shops including a couple of dumpling places that were hand making the dumplings in the shop window. I will be going back for dumplings!

The reason for my visit to Chinatown – adding to my collection. Two little black cats on my wrist.

Heading back home and our street looks so beautiful in the sun…Spring is super pretty in Toronto and I cant wait for the warm Summer weather!

Friday night I met up with another Burlesque Photographer in Toronto. We had dinner at a cute little Hungarian restaurant on Bloor West, followed by cocktails at the Paupers Pub. Cocktails are so CHEAP here…sortof loving it a lot! On my walk home (since I live 10 minutes away), I passed Honest Ed’s, which I still need to go and check out, and realised I was heading in totally the opposite direction to where I needed to go…I wasn’t drunk honest!

We went for a wander down the western end of College St and went past the University of Toronto…some amazing buildings here and its really big. Our street has some of the frat houses for the Uni and the campus itself extends over a number of blocks. We will go back to spend a couple of hours exploring and taking photos.

This building reminded Geoff of the Defence buildings in Canberra.

Spring Cherry Blossoms – apparently the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom at High Park so I think I will visit on Monday (which is meant to be a windy 23 degrees) to check out the blossoms flying!

I love Magnolia trees

More U of T buildings

Opposite the U of T Pharmacy building

The U of T Pharmacy building/cube

The sign that reminded Geoff of my tattoo

A reminder of home in our apartment…we still miss Melbourne. Especially when I see all the amazing new coffee shops opening in Footscray…

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