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I read about the Street Food Block Party a couple of months back when we first got here, and made sure that I got tickets as soon as they went online since Geoff and I are all about the food! Man I was so not disappointed!
Some people I suggested this to were a little concerned that tickets were $20 and then food was extra, but when we took into consideration the amount we spent here against what we would normally spend at the Suzuki Night Markets back in Melbourne, there was definitely more bang for your buck here! Also worth taking into consideration is that there is a free shuttle bus to and from Broadview Station from the event at Evergreen Brick Works (again savings on taxi or petrol!)

Here are a few snaps of what we ate and brought home. Seriously the best advice I saw online was to take tupperware containers so you could eat later – we have a bit of a stash here at the moment and I am full to bursting!

Birds on a wire outside Broadview station

Evergreen Brickworks – waiting in line with about 300 other people before food time!

Interesting vista at Evergreen Brickworks

Geoff is stamped and legal!

First up – Lobster rolls with pickle and potato chips from Busters Sea Cove

The line for Gorilla Cheese was seriously long! Geoff was waiting for his lumberjack toasted cheese (i saved my half but apparently it was super good!)

Loooong lines 5 minutes in – 2 hours later they were twice as long!

Caplanskys Deli – I got the Smoked Meat Taco (Green Apple Radish Coleslaw, smoked meat and latke chips) forgot to take a photo before I ate it 🙁

Burgers from Roaming Buffalo – I got “The WHAT?!?” (Smooth Peanut Butter, burger and bacon jam)

“The WHAT?!?” Burger – Geoff isn’t a fan of peanut butter but I LOVE the salty and sweet thing that they are really into over here so totally up my alley

Gastronomo Vagabundo – Aussie chef from Melbourne who gave me crap for being a kiwi LOL
Fish Taco
Banana Fritter
Jasmine, Dark Chocolate and Mint Tea all for $10!

Banana Fritter and Ice Cream – the ice cream was DIVINE!

Geoff enjoys his banana fritter!

Cake in JAR!! OMG YES! Sullivan & Bleeker
I got the Cinnamon Toast and since I didn’t want to share when I got home I made Geoff get a Cookie Dough for himself. Share and Sweet does not work in this house!

Cinnamon Toast cake in a jar – how cute are these? This came home and is yet to be tackled!

We took a break outside since it was pumping inside….such a lovely day and area. Geoff says it reminds him of the Cotter Dam back in Canberra

Arty Farty

We didn’t break for long – Calamari Pita and Stout for Geoff. Calamari Pita from Blue Donkey

TEQUILA! Tromba Tequila

I dont mind if I do….mix me a drink kind sir!

Gorgeous cocktail! Look how it glows in the sun and my tummy! Tequila, Agave syrup, lime juice and grapefruit bitters! Seriously to die for!

Geoff waiting patiently for his pizza from Bonfire Catering

Brown Sugar Lemonade with excellent cute straw from Toronto Picnic Society.

More Brickworks buildings

Walking it off back home… I adore our street!

I also got cupcakes from The Cupcake Diner 6 for $15 BARGAIN! But that was my first stop and saved for home so no photos…
I definitely will be doing this again next year – it was so much fun 🙂 Only downside is that its much smaller than the Night Markets and virtually no space for seating – I think there were 2 or 3 picnic tables and about 6 bar tables at best. We saw some people bringing portable chairs which was definitely the go so that will be on the list for next year!


Bill Chance · May 7, 2012 at 12:51

Some great looking trucks. And tequila!

Thanks for sharing.

Danny · May 6, 2012 at 02:11

Calamari Pita sounds interesting and the lobster roll looked good too. 🙂

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