Photography by Angela McConnell

When I first arrived in Toronto I did a couple of workshops hoping to meet like minded creatives and to get myself back on track with my photography after an extended break. I hadn’t really been shooting for about 4 months while we packed up our lives in Melbourne and waited on our visas to come to Toronto. At some point the immense stress and frustration, plus not having most of my computers or gear just sucked any sort of motivation out of me.

During one of these workshops, there was a critique of our websites and essentially how we were marketing ourselves. Of course since I absolutely love being the centre of attention, I blushed furiously, stammered and basically tore myself down since my website was far and away the worst on offer. At this point the guy running the workshop told me that it was really ironic that I shoot predominantly strong, confident individuals (burlesque and rollerderby) when I am lacking any self confidence. I had to agree with him, and it’s something I really need to work on.

But it got me thinking about the people I associate with in my photography and I wanted to explore a more vulnerable side to these people who do something which in my eyes is incredibly brave and that I would have immense trouble to achieve. This project aims to show that vulnerable side and expose the fact that although someone may appear outwardly confident and self-assured, often it is in fact a front.

Exposed I – Percy Katt

Exposed II – Percy Katt

Exposed III – Percy Katt

This will be an ongoing project and I will continue to post more photos.

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