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It’s been a tough couple of weeks for me here. I have struggled to find my place with a new job that isn’t really living up to expectations and missing my friends in Melbourne. I have really missed my Burly girls now that the Australian Burlesque Festival is in full swing. We unfortunately missed out on the Radiohead concert last week which was going to be a highlight for myself and Geoff, but considering someone lost their life in the stage collapse we cant be too unhappy about it.

I am trying to stay positive by making dates with new friends for drinks, thinking about new and upcoming projects and good news from unexpected sources! The gorgeous summer weather has also been helping! It’s super humid here in Toronto, something I really wasn’t expecting! We have had a couple of good storms over the last week.

One of my highlights for this weekend has been the last of the packing material going into the recycling bins 3 months after we moved in! The last of the boxes can be broken down and moved out of sight reminding us that we are well and truly living in Toronto!

Here are some shots from the last couple of weeks in Toronto.

We celebrated our 9 year anniversary! We have decided to continue celebrating our original anniversary as well as our wedding anniversary, especially since Geoff proposed on our 8 year anniversary 🙂

We took a wander down to The Annex Festival on a beautiful summers day!

In our neighbourhood

The kitties get to go for a walk out in the sun

Delicious Brunch!


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