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It’s well and truly summer here now. We have been so suprised with how humid it is but also how consistent the summer weather has been. The last few Melbourne summers have been a bit up and down – a super hot day in the high 30’s followed by 18 degrees….boo! The last few weeks have seen sunny days ranging from the mid 20’s to mid 30’s which is pretty much perfect for me!

Here are some photos of us trying to make the most of the Toronto summer while it lasts, with lots of walks in the sun, icecream and vietnamese iced coffees!

Riding the subway on Canada Day

Trawling through an antique market I found another addition to my vintage camera collection – with film still in it!

Shot TTV

Icecream from a little corner store near our house – Chocolate Peanut Butter, I am a complete sucker for the salty/sweet combo now

Vietnamese Iced coffee from the corner store

Icecream and Vietnamese Ice Coffee in a local park

Branches falling from the tree outside our house but we didn’t hear a thing! Perks of a basement apartment 🙂

Toasted Cheese Sandwhiches for our picnic lunch followed by fresh raspberries and cherries

Our favourite local park

Walking through our favourite local park

The waitress at brunch flirts with Geoff

Water feature in another local park – we have about 4 in our immediate neighbourhood

Lines catch my eye

More architecture love

TO love their bikes

Golden fire hydrant

Summer hydrangeas

More summer colour

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