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It’s been a busy few weeks for me. I have been shooting and/or editing most nights after the Toronto Burlesque Festival and other shows – hopefully I will catch up enough to share some images with you. I still have more images to show you here from the Exposed series plus the images shot for the participants.

In the meantime, on my down days I have been trying to take advantage of the amazing tropical summer days here in Toronto. It’s been consistently hot and steamy for the last few weeks, with a few storms thrown in for good measure. Typically we don’t see much of the storms down here in the basement, apart from the times we actually get caught out in them 🙂

Here are some images from the past few weeks….
Bumblebees enjoying the flowers on our neighbour’s nature strip

Catching up on some reading in our favourite local park

I seriously cannot get enough of this park – it also has the perfect cricket pitch area

Water droplets from sprinklers catching in spider webs – so strange getting used to people actually being able to hose or have their sprinklers on after living in Australia for nearly 10 years. Even travelling back to NZ freaks me out when I see people “wasting” water 😛

MidSummer Antipodean Xmas BBQ
Since this will be our first “white” xmas (hopefully it snows this year!), I decided to have an Antipodean MidSummer Xmas in July. Some people back in NZ and Australia celebrate MidWinter Xmas (even there is rarely snow) to justify the roast turkey/chicken/turduckin xmas dinners, but I wanted to introduce a new tradition for us here in Toronto with a traditional Kiwi/Aussie BBQ xmas.
Unfortunately there was a no-show on the Xmas decorations this year, but next year should look more Xmas like…
Also a challenge was learning to BBQ on a charcoal grill instead of the lovely gas BBQ’s we find in public parks back home, that and the opportunity to have a few drinks legally…BOO!!!

Prepping the Pavlova

Pavlova ready for the oven

The BBQ spot at Cherry beach with Cricket pitch in the background

We haul the mountain of food to the BBQ spot and get the inflatable kiwi marker to stake our claim

The epic mountain of food on offer – again I over-cater…what else is new

The finished Pavlova…delicious!

The view looking up from underneath the shady trees

Gorgeous Cherry Beach with cute lifeguard tower

The Ubi guys giving the backyard cricket a bash

Team USA bowling to Team GB

Team USA bowls to Team GB, Team Aussie keeping the wickets

Cherry Beach at sunset with the moonrise

All the way back to Canada Day – where we went on a search for Canada Day celebrations…

and found water fountains and an art installation in progress on Front St East

a free hot dog event…bizzare!

but found an antique market….i really wanted some of these crates but Geoff absolutely forbid me from acquiring anymore stuff we don’t need…

found a sculpture park along Queen St East

with a refreshing water feature

then wandered up to the Toronto Pride Festival on Church St where there was this amazing mist tent…so good on a really hot, humid day

watched some of the happy faces in the Pride Parade

including the marching band

Toronto summer so far has been really fun…


lovelikecrazycakes · August 7, 2012 at 13:33

The weather this summer has been amazing. Glad to see how much you guys are enjoying it! xoxo

Cassie · August 7, 2012 at 03:26

These photos are wonderful. I love the sun in the cricket photos.

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