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We haven’t been as active in our wandering in the last couple of months of summer. I think that now we have hit our first 6 months here in Toronto, we are settling into more of a routine including a busier week which means we try to relax a little on the weekend. I am really hoping that next summer we do a bit more travelling around the GTA and Ontario.

Now we are heading into Autumn and although it is still pleasantly warm you can tell the season is starting to change. I am secretly looking forward to my first proper winter, but I am sure the novelty will wear off reasonably quickly.

In the meantime here are some more photos of our little travels around TO

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary by having dinner at the 360 restaurant at the top of the CN Tower. In hindsight, probably not the best idea when you are both scared of heights and the elevators are external

View of downtown and the island

Billy Bishop Airport on the island – you could see flights coming and going

Commuters on the Gardiner Expressway and downtown west

Safely on the ground looking up – the strip lighting up the side is where the elevators run..ewww (also have glass panels in the floor, I nearly vomited on the way up)

Walking back to Union Station – view of the CN tower from Front St West

Highrises all lit up on Front St West

Facade of Union Station

Yonge St has closed some lanes to make temporary patios during the summer, some of them are decorated and landscaped while others are extensions of existing cafes or bars.

These temporary patios are directly outside where we stayed for our first month in Toronto. It is very interesting to see the difference between winter/spring and summer here.

Early morning sun in late summer on Yonge St

Early morning sun in late summer on Yonge St

Speeding past the city on the expressway heading towards the airport

Rail bridge between Geoff’s favourite coffee shop near work and Wallace St

View from the rail bridge south

View from the rail bridge north

The water tower above Geoff’s work – he works in a big brick warehouse not unlike the first games company he worked for in Melbourne, which was next to the remand prison on Spencer St

I have been spending quite a few nights shooting burlesque shows, this is while waiting for the tech run at Revival, the light was streaming in through the haziness from the smoke machine

The first signs of Autumn – seasonal vegies at the local Loblaws (not quite as spectacular as the Wall of Cheese Loblaws)

Pumpkin Spiced drinks….yet to be tasted

Only 10 more weeks and I will be having a tiny bit more spring/summer depending on how the Whanganui weather decides to treat me. I will be heading back to New Zealand for the first time in three years to shoot my brother’s wedding 🙂

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