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Photography by Angela McConnell

I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to travel to New York late last month to shoot the 10th annual New York Burlesque Festival. I had never travelled to New York, and was somewhat intimidated by the idea of solo travelling again let alone to this amazing city. I come from Whanganui, a little regional town on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand and had never in my life expected to be going to New York to shoot burlesque!

It was somewhat of a whirlwind visit, arriving on Thursday and shooting the shows on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday before flying back to Toronto on Monday morning. Unfortunately that meant not a lot of time for sight-seeing this time, although I did manage to catch up with some friends from Melbourne in town for the festival, a shoot with Imogen Kelly (the reigning Burlesque Hall of Fame Queen) and brunch with another friend who had moved to New York from Melbourne in the last year.

Here are a few shots from my ventures in and around New York, and there will be a follow up post at a later date with shots from the NYBF shows.

Columbus Circle at about 2am

Pickles in Carnegie’s Deli 3am entree

A small and dainty snack at Carnegie’s Deli 3am

Ok maybe not so dainty after all

A selection of cakes at Carnegie’s Deli 3am

Decided on the Red Velvet – sharing of course!

Small street festival on Broadway on the upper west side where I was staying

Cupcake! This ended up being for breakfast before my flight on Monday


Pretty Orchids

Couldn’t resist a Ben & Jerry’s store (obsession!) – Pina Colada (meh) and Peanut Butter Ripple

Central Park

Downtime in Central Park

Wandering the perimeter of Central Park

More Central Park

NY City living on the upper west side

Central Park West – must be completely horrible to live there

Either Amsterdam or Columbus & 106th/107th St

Architecture – love

More Architecture

Ostentatious McDonald’s on 42nd St

BB King’s on 42nd St – NYBF

The Bell House Brooklyn – NYBF

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