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So we are well into our first Autumn in Toronto. The temperatures are definitely starting to dip, and there are a lot less green leaves on the trees. It is really lovely to see the beautiful Autumn colours here though, I have had 8 or 9 Autumns in Australia (both Canberra and Melbourne), where the leaves pretty much turn from green to brown with very little colour in between.

I must admit I am struggling with Autumn though, I don’t cope well with the wet, cool weather and would much rather the proper cold weather to arrive. I never liked the wet, windy, grey winters of Melbourne or Whanganui so nothing has really changed. I get a bit annoyed with having to layer clothing because you never know how warm or cool the day is going to be, and it changes pretty much hourly at the moment. Apparently everything pointing to a much colder winter here this year, with snowfalls on par with previous years. We will see how optimistic I stay when the novelty of the first snows wears off and everything is a slushy, icy mess.

It’s very strange knowing that NZ and Australia are heading into summer, however I will be in NZ in 3 weeks time to enjoy a couple of weeks of spring (which will be much of the same weather and temperatures as I am experiencing now except I have packed more summery clothes! I can but hope it is up in the late teens/early 20’s temperature wise!) and my brother’s weddding, which I will be photographing. Also I will be eating my body weight in Mince and Cheese pies….

Here are some photos taken on my trusty Windows phone whilst out and about….

Sun in the leaves

Our Street

Autumn flowers in the neighbours garden

Walking to the coffee shop at the end of our street

Autumn Canadian Thanksgiving dinner that wasn’t turkey

Looking down towards our house

My take on the Canadian flag

Cuter than cute baby squirrel nibbling on something

Autumn colour on a rainy day

Walking to our new supermarket on St Clair West which actually has a subway underneath it – bonus on horrible winters days when I won’t want to walk

Leaves in our favourite park

Geoff enjoying Autumn and spying on squirrels in the park

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