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I thought I would post a few photos of what our street looks like after only a taster of Sandy this week. Toronto got off very lightly in comparison to Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica and of course the Eastern Seabord of the USA. We were warned to expect high wind and heavy rain, and subsequently power cuts. Luckily I had the matches, candles and single torch ready to hand as just on 6pm we lost power. We are on gas cooking, hot water and heating so were able to successfully cook up dinner, although we lost heating since it is controlled by an electric thermostat.

Geoff and I retired to bed to read by candle (and kindle) light early, power came back on about 9.30pm but it was lost again overnight and finally restored by 9am the following morning. Since we have a basement apartment, we really didn’t hear any wind so we had no appreciation for how bad the weather actually was overnight.

Here are some images from one end of our street – again this was only the outer edge of the storm so you can imagine how scary it must have been to be in the hardest hit areas.

It wasn’t until I took this photo I realised that the lines were in fact still down – lucky I had rubber gumboots on

Storm clouds as the last of Sandy starts to break up

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