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Photography by Angela McConnell

A couple of weeks ago I got my first colour film back that I shot on the Diana Mini. I was a little worried that I would have over-exposed as I was deliberately going for a lot of sun flare in the cherry blossom photos but I guess that sitting around F8 (cloudy setting) and F11(sunny setting) that it will tend towards under exposing more than anything. I find that I keep forgetting a couple of key things when I am shooting with the Diana, focal distance and remembering to move the dial to the appropriate setting and trying to remember what ISO of the film that I have in the camera.

I have a massive issue with this as well with my Dad’s old camera the Praktica. I have B&W in that at the moment but again have totally forgotten to change the dial on the camera that actually reminds you what ISO it is. I have made so many silly mistakes already with the Praktica. I took it to High Park to shoot the cherry blossoms with the Diana, having a lovely time shooting and the next day realising that not once had I used the focussing ring. Yeah hi  – film camera from the 70’s generally do not use an auto – focus system. No worries I think, I’ll remember to focus next time…lesson learnt. By this stage I figure I must almost be at the end of the roll…up to 36 and still not at the end – so I fire a few blanks to advance the film, then think bugger it, I’ll just wind it back. Wind, wind, wind – film’s not catching…wtf?? Luckily I live in a basement apartment and have a bathroom in the middle of the apartment that is almost darkroom dark, so I took the camera in there to check the film….open up the camera and there’s no film!

Anyway – here are the images from the Diana, hopefully I will have something to show you from the Praktica soon 🙂

I was trying to catch the flare in this but I think it caught the edge of the lens and reflected instead

Magnolia tree outside the front of our building

Toronto City Hall

Toronto Eaton Centre

Love the pumped blues in this – you can just catch the crowd at the very bottom of the image

Magnolia tree in The Annex

Tulips in The Annex


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