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Photography by Angela McConnell

To be honest – this is more just Ireland. I hadn’t been to Ireland before, but Geoff had done a bit of a bus tour around. Initially we wanted to hire a car and drive around a bit, but after looking at our schedule and having only stayed in each place for such a short amount of time we thought we would be better off staying in Dublin and making the most of our time there.

We stayed for 4 days in total and travelled around checking all the sights of Dublin, which I thought was fantastic. Dublin although seems to be taking some huge hits from the financial crisis, was super busy and full of people. It had such an awesome vibe and I would love to head back.

I handed over the camera to Geoff for most of the rest of the trip and he took lots and lots of texture shots for his personal projects, so not so many from me in part 2 🙂

Guinness factory tour


What do you get if you make a wish in the Guinness fountain?

A happy happy Geoff!!

Angry Guinness horse

and a Toucan

Geoff pulls a pint

Supreme look of concentration there

Topping off the head

So proud…

Even got a certificate

Kilmainham Jail

Visiting ancient Irish landmarks – not sure what the significance of the stuff on the tree was though

Beautiful views

Burial Mounds

Ancient inscriptions

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