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Photography by Angela McConnell

#tbt so part 2 of where I started with my photography.

In 2008 I joined a couple of photography forums online and started doing a few outings with them to different festivals around Melbourne. Federation Sqaure and the Queen Victoria Markets were very popular locations for festivals and there seemed to be a different festival every couple of weekends (depending on the fickle Melbourne weather). Queen Vic could also always be counted on for supplying awesome food.

Because I was always super scared of taking photos of people, festivals gave me an opportunity to experiment while also having an opportunity to shoot abstract details. Being at Fed Square used to be pretty awesome too, since if I got freaked out shooting candids, I could pretend to be taking photos of the architecture 🙂

Turkish Festival at Queen Vic Markets

Aboriginal Performer at the Queen Vic Markets

Roasting corn

Latin American Festival at Fed Square

Laugh for Leukaemia

Buddha Festival at Federation Square – this was so great, lots of different cultures which all celebrate Buddhism

It had just started to rain (typical Melbourne), and this man raised his face up to the sky

Kimono at the Buddha Festival

Buddhist Monks – since it was such a grey and gloomy day the colours just popped

Lotus flowers

More gorgeous Kimono

Traditional dance – the start of my performance photography 🙂

Turkish Festival at Queen Vic Markets

Rocky Horror anniversary event at Fed Square

Rocky Horror – they also had a mass time- warp dance off, so much fun!

Obviously Frank n Furter

Rocky Horror sing along

Rocky Horror accessories – red on red

Polish Festival at Fed Square – good food at this one too

Oromia Festival at Fed Square

Oromia Festival

Oromia Festival

I did tend to shoot a lot of my candids in black and white, and I convert a lot of my images to black and white even now. I really love gutsy black and white and definitely not afraid of a bit of noise 🙂

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