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 I have been really lucky to shoot some inspirational women lately and I want to bring their stories to you.

Everyone has a story (whether they believe it or not) and I really believe in recording these stories for future generations (check out my post about what has inspired me in my photography journey )
This session was with Lisette to update some head shots for her online presence and submissions for public speaking engagements.
I have met Lisette a number of times through her incredibly helpful meetup group Strategic Focus for StartUps The meetups have been interesting, thought provoking and have provided me with a new ideas and advice on how to approach challenges starting up my photography business. This summer, Lisette started her own online mentoring platform which has gathered a number of professional mentors in different fields (financial advisors, lawyers, business coaches and social media marketing advisors) to help support small business owners to get the information and resources they need.
It was an aboslute pleasure to photograph Lisette and help her with her head shots images to compliment her business.

I, Lisette Andreyko, founded Kaleidoscope early 2013. After years of repositioning and growing departments for other organizations and living in four countries and four continents, I took the jump to entrepreneurism. When asked why I focus on mentoring start-ups, aspiring and new entrepreneurs the answer is my passion. What could be more beautiful than helping others connect with their passion in such a way they can make a living of it?
My goal is to help others succeed in establishing businesses and growing them to a successful company. As a child, I saw my father struggle to build his clientele as a storeowner as his family’s needs grew. He had no support system, someone he could turn to for advice on strategies and sharing doubt. That’s why this summer, I launched Kaleidoscope’s online mentoring platform that offers support to entrepreneurs when they need it most: in the bootstrapped start-up phase. 
My clients keep me inspired, I learn from them every day! They persevere in spite of rising challenges and lack of a supportive environment.
You can find Lisette on her on LinkedIn

Toronto Head Shot Photographer | Social Media Photography
Toronto Head Shot Photographer | Social Media Photography
Toronto Head Shot Photographer | Social Media Photography
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