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We take a winter break to Vancouver , British Columbia. Celebrating Christmas and New Years holiday season on the west coast.

Our friends, Steve and Cari moved to Vancouver mid 2015, so when they suggested we come for Christmas I was super keen to head over to the west coast.

I had been to Vancouver previously in 2003, for a whole 3 days as part of a stopover from New Zealand to London as part of my big OE (kiwi right of passage the Overseas Experience).

I don’t remember too much about Vancouver at the time, it was my first trip outside of NZ without my family and with the prospect of being away for a couple of years (which is now sitting at year 13), everything was a bit of a blur.

I do remember walking around Stanley Park, visiting the aquarium and Granville Island.
I also vividly remember it raining when we arrived from New Zealand. The next day was beautiful sunshine, but a chilly 4 degrees C. 
It must have been the first day of sun in quite sometime, as there I was bundled up in every layer I could manage, and Vancouverites were running and biking the seawall with barely anything on.

Steve and Cari’s place is right on the water on False Creek so we had really great access to the Aquabus and the brewery across on Granville Island.

We also managed to walk at least 5km everyday we were there so I will have some more images to share over a couple of posts.

In the meantime, here are a couple of images from Christmas Day, which was pretty laid back, lots of food, lots of drink and some fun games.

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