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Part two of our Vancouver trip over the Christmas holidays.

During the Christmas break in Vancouver we managed to cover a fair bit of ground. Each day we walked between 4 and 5 km, mainly so we could keep up with the excessive food, coffee and alcohol intake.

Coffee is a huge part of our lives. Geoff and I spend time together every morning at our local coffee shop before he hops on the bus to work and I head back to the house to start work. It does help that our local indie coffee shop is only 200m up the street from us.

Great coffee was not too hard to find in Vancouver, but was harder to come by on public holidays. We loved 49th Parallel in Kitsilano, it helped that they had some delicious donuts to accompany said coffee. Also since I am an almond milk fan, they had store made organic almond milk.

Of course we also had to sample some beer – Geoff is a huge beer fan so this was right up his alley.

It was so nice staying right on the sea wall – we were able to walk pretty much everywhere, or use the Aquabus if we didn’t feel like walking.
For the days we wanted to get up into the snow, there was a car – the next post will have lots of beautiful snowy vista pictures. It’s so hard to take bad photos of Vancouver and BC.

Toronto Portrait Photography | Lifestyle Photography | Vancouver

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