I only allowed myself to bring 2 lenses on this trip. I packed my Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm  f2.8 and the Canon “pancake” 40mm f2.8 lenses. I had been thinking about buying a 35mm legacy lens but wanted to see if I could make do with the 40mm instead of getting yet another lens.
In the end, I used only the Canon 40mm for everything, which is going to be handy for any other trips since it is a lot lighter and easier to pare down what you are using. This also means I am pretty much only using the Sony for everything these days. I used to get so frustrate having to pack and carry a Canon 40D and Canon 5D MKII and then extra lenses for both Geoff and me to use. Eventually I would like to get another Sony or Fuji as a travel camera so that we have a camera each.
So Friday was a little more gloomy and cool so it was definitely a day for more indoor activities. After a recommendation from a friend, we went to check out the EMP Museum which was super cool. They had a couple of exhibits we were really keen on checking out.
There was an exhibit about the Indie Game Revolution which had a whole lot of games you could play (one of which we both purchased when we got home and have been addicted to ever since – curse you Mini Metro!)
Then there was the World of Wearable Art which was really cool for me since it was founded in NZ and a lot of the exhibitors were NZ designers. It was also funny picking the designers that work for WETA as the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit influence could really clearly be seen in some of the pieces on display.
There was also a sci fi and horror exhibit with pieces from blockbuster movies and sci fi television shows on display. I actually couldn’t get over how plastic and crappy some of the pieces looked up close compared with the footage that was shown along side.
We also stopped by the Nirvana exhibit which was also pretty cool. I really loved all the handwritten notes, photos and polaroids from their early days. Neither of us were huge Nirvana fans back when grunge was massive, but it was interesting to see the evolution of the band and the background from my early teens.
Also as with most Vancouverites…we hit up the local Trader Joe’s before heading back to the Airbnb and bought an absolutely stupid amount of cheese. It isn’t that we can’t buy cheese back in Vancouver, but it was so cheap that it would have been wrong not to.
Here are a few images from the second day of our trip – hope you enjoy…

Sony A7II
Canon 40mm f2.8

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