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A new tradition of snowshoeing in Vancouver on New Years Eve is started.

Last year we were living in Toronto and decided that we should plan a trip Christmas trip to Vancouver to visit friends who had recently moved the previous summer.

Pair of snowshoes in a snow drift at the lookout on Dog Mountain while snowshoeing in Vancouver, BC

We had tried to go snowshoeing on Boxing Day. But with a 2 hour wait in traffic on Cypress, and then missing the Nordic area turnoff, we ended up on the ski runs. 
Instead we decided to head back home and postpone snowshoeing until New Year Eve.

So on New Years Eve, we headed back up to Cypress, and spent a couple of hours wondering the trail and admiring the beautiful weather and scenery.

By the end of that trip, both Geoff and me had decided that we would quite like to move to Vancouver.
Of course, we had hoped that we might make it by the end of 2016.
So it did take us slightly by surprise when we moved in May 2016.

Foggy view from Dog Mountain lookout with snow covered trees during snowshoeing in Vancouver, BC

This year we had talked about maybe snowshoeing on Christmas Day.
Since we were going over to our friends for dinner on Christmas Eve, and then hosting them for dinner in return on Christmas Day.
Also given I am not the worlds’ best cook and was trying to cook a beef and chicken roast, we thought maybe it would make more sense to delay to New Years Eve.

And so starts a “sort of” tradition….mainly because if we are all in Vancouver during the New Year, then we will try and do it 🙂

This year collectively in the car over coffee and donuts, we finally made a decision to try doing the Dog Mountain lookout trail up on Mt Seymour.

Two people snowshoeing emerging in between snow covered trees at the Dog Mountain lookout in Vancouver, BC

I also wanted to practice my driving in the snow.
I am very successful at 
tiki tours (see #6) so we took a couple of small detours along the way, before finally making it to the mountain turn off.

Image of snow covered blue and red snowshoes sitting in a drift on Dog Mountain, Vancouver BC

The new snowshoes got a pretty good run for their money. I was pleasantly surprised that the yoga was paying off, and I wasn’t completely unfit.
Sadly the weather wasn’t quite as cooperative so the view from the lookout was just fog and snowflakes.
It was still super pretty. There were also lots of lovely doggies to covet the whole way.

Foggy view from lookout at the top of Dog Mountain with snow covered trees during snowshoeing in Vancouver, BC

By the time we made it back to the car the snow was really starting to come down, and I decided I wasn’t that keen to practice driving in snow after all.
Luckily someone else took over the driving responsibilities.
I didn’t take nearly as many photos with the big camera this year, although there were a lot of Instagram stories
Anyone else have any New Years traditions that they have started recently?

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