I have had a busy couple of months shooting but unfortunately not work that I can currently share so at the moment the blog is more about our tripping around….with some pretty photos 🙂
We were determined to get out and get some more snowshoeing done before conditions get a bit iffy.
The last few weeks have been a bit wet and cloudy, but I really wanted to get back up to Dog Mountain (which we last snowshoed on New Years Eve) and catch the view – which was invisible due to snow on our previous visit.
The snow was definitely a bit icier, but not as a bad as what I had experienced the week before at Cypress in my ill-fated attempt at learning to cross country ski (or skate skiing). Apparently icy packed snow is not great to learn on…
You could definitely see some difference in the landscape on the way up from our last trip. There was a lot more snow melt and a small river was flowing at First Lake, but it was definitely interesting to see how deep the base had been.
The Dog Mountain snowshoe is a very comfortable “hike”, compared to my snowshoeing trip to Squamish on Al Habrich’s trail which ruined me just a little.
The trees had a lot less snow as well, but I was kind of obsessed with the frozen droplets on the leaves and branches – as you can see below. I was stopping every few minutes on the trip up to take droplet photos.

Sony A7II
Canon f2.8 40mm
I’m so glad we went up when the weather was clearer, it was also a bit warmer with it being around -2 C at the top which was very comfortable.
The view was insane, it really surprised me how built up the city actually is. It seems a lot of the time when you are in downtown Vancouver that a lot of the buildings are low rise, but being up here gave me a much greater appreciation for the skyline and the how spread out the city and satellites are.

Sony A7II
Canon f2.8 40mm

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