It has been a busy summer with shoots lined up at the studio space so that I can test some lighting. Working with a new space (and especially a huge new space), has been overwhelming at times. I was so comfortable with what I had been able to achieve in a small basement spare room with 7 foot ceilings, and learning all the quirks of colour shifts with delightful beige coloured walls.
Mckayla came for a photoshoot, and I wanted to try using a strobe to backlight over the top of a darker backdrop. Which was fine, until the strobe bulb crapped itself and there was a lovely stench of burning plastic.
Since I had one of my strobes at the studio, we moved into the natural light space and I got some natural light and natural backlight images instead.

One thing I have noticed in pretty much every single shoot with women, is when they have the opportunity to wear a long skirt they can twirl in, they just light up with the most ginormous smile. Or if they see one of the big skirts hanging, they nearly always ask “can I wear that?”
So much fun!
I also was super happy to have someone wear the black sequin romper that I secretly covet because it just doesn’t fit me. It looked amazing on Mckayla, especially in the natural light.
Shot on Sony A7II with Canon FD 1.4 50mm, edited in Capture One Pro for Sony and Photoshop CS6
Colour grading in AlienSkin Exposure
IG @mckaylahaywood
Shot at Remington Studio and Gallery – Vancouver
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2017 – What a year! – Photography by Angela McConnell · January 11, 2018 at 09:34

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