I have been working on defining my ideal client and who it is I really enjoy working with – shoutout to Dagmar my coach from Courage Space Coaching who has been awesome in helping me.
In the end, I really enjoy photographing women in their mid 30’s and upwards, and specifically women who are going through some sort of transition in their life, whether it is career change, life circumstances, emotionally or physically, and help these women show themselves love and kindness to themselves.
I met Debbie at a networking group here in Vancouver, actually at a couple of networking groups since you quite often run into familiar faces. Debbie always has a lovely smile on her face and has her trademark pink streak in her hair. When I first met her, she was selling skin care products, but has since transitioned to Modere products
We did a mixture of natural light and studio light, utilizing the studio light for the more “glam” outfits, since I nearly always feel that dark outfits really pop on darker backgrounds. I also really loved how the red on red images worked out, although I did tweak the background colour a little to have it match the red dress more than it did in reality.

Debbie also brought her husband Ephraim along with her to the session, and he jumped into towards the end for some couples images.

This image in particular ended up being almost identically posed to one of their wedding day images, 16 years ago – serendipity!Studio portrait of an older couple both in smart clothing hugging and smiling at each other
And here is a little behind the scenes video of Debbie’s shoot

Shot on Sony A7II with Canon FD 1.4 50mm, edited in Capture One Pro for Sony and Photoshop CS6
Colour grading in AlienSkin Exposure
MUAH Tara Ariel
IG @taraarielmua
Shot at Remington Studio and Gallery – Vancouver
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