Annabel is personality plus if you can’t already tell from the photos! She has a super quirky sense of style and I loved seeing all the outfit options she brought to the session we had. There was even a full head to toe Spice Girls outfit option – check out what was brought along on Annabel’s IG photo
Annabel is an actress from Perth in Western Australia now living in beautiful Vancouver. It was such a treat to work with her and chat with another antipodean, although there is no shortage of them here in PNW being so close to the ski fields!

These shots were an experiment during the last outfit change of the day. I was a bit concerned that I would appear in the reflection of the glasses, but the beauty dish pretty much cancelled me out and gave a really cool catchlight.
Check out Annabel’s new podcast Remember us when you’re famous which will be going live in May. She will be discussing with other creatives, the challenges of transitioning into Vancouver’s art and creative scene from overseas.

We had to do a few massive tulle skirt images, and Annabel had this great structured crop jacket that she popped on for a couple of shots using natural light from the studio front door (which is almost a giant soft box bouncing light from the building across the street).
I really wanted to try a few backlight shots as well and I love the muted feel of them.
The images with the coloured border were created using gels suspended in front of the camera, and I couldn’t help but get a 90’s Dolly magazine vibe from them (for all you child of the 90’s Aussies and Kiwi’s out there).
Shot on Sony A7II with Canon FD 1.4 50mm, edited in Capture One Pro for Sony and Photoshop CS6
Colour grading in AlienSkin Exposure
Annabel can be found on Instagram and Facebook
Shot at Remington Studio and Gallery – Vancouver
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The McConnells · February 8, 2018 at 17:03

Bet you didn’t tell her your parents dressed up as the Spice Girls – you could have done the actions for her!!!
Love Mum

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