Whenever I move to a new city, I join the kiwi expat group so that I can have some connection to a bit of home. It wasn’t so much of an issue in Canberra or Melbourne, since there are so many kiwis living in Australia I usually would end up working with or knowing few in my social circles.
After moving to Canada, there were significantly fewer kiwis just floating around since it is a lot further away. Although Vancouver does have quite a few, given it’s proximity to Whistler, similar climate and lifestyle to back home.

I met Emma at one of the regular Friday night kiwi drinks – as usual with the kiwi drinks, I tend to disgrace myself quite badly every couple of months and this was one of those nights (too many bellini’s as usual, but I really do love them) and luckily that didn’t put Emma off too much!

I think these were my favourite images of the day. Due to many excuses I make about having enough space or time, I haven’t yet got around to painting my own canvas backdrop which I would really like to do.
Instead I went and checked out Dressew’s huge bargain section and found a lightweight material that sort of looks like canvas. It’s not the nicest colour ever (sort of goldy mustard), but I have found that I am able to change the tone to match the image better in either Photoshop or Capture One.

Shot on Sony A7II
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