When was the last time you were photographed with your Mum or daughter?
Is it something you have always thought about doing, but life has got in the way or you just haven’t got around to it?
Studio portrait of a young woman smiling and leaning into her mother who is smiling at the camera while they hold hands
I really love taking photos of adult mothers and daughters – their relationship dynamic shifts so dramatically, but there are still moments of tenderness between them that reflects a time where the bond was focussed more on nurturing.
Sharon and Sivan joined me in the studio at the end of November, for some beautiful portraits together.
We also worked on some head shots for Sharon as well for her to use in her business. She was looking for something that was personable and approachable since she works one on one with her clients.
Vancouver Portrait Photographer | Headshot Photography | Photography by Angela McConnell
There might have been a little bit of tickling and pinching in some of these photos below.

You could tell that Sharon and Sivan really enjoy each others company and have a great relationship – I was so happy to be able to take these photos of them together, so that they will have images to treasure for many years to come.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching (Sunday 13th May this year), so if this is something that you think you and your Mum would enjoy together, click the button under the video to get in touch for your complimentary consultation or to request more information. I also have gift cards available to purchase.

Spot the cheeky bum wiggle from me…
Shot on Sony A7II
Canon FD f2.8 50mm
MUAH Michelle Hidalgo
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