I connected with Tiffany at a Women in Male Dominated Industries (WIMDI) event late in 2017, and we recently worked together on a workshop she held in Vancouver – Better Life Bootcamp. I wanted to share with you a bit more about Tiffany and why she is so passionate about fostering self care and a well rounded life for young professional people.
Image of a group of women holding up cards with empowering words during a self care workshop in Vancouver
I was born with an innate wanderlust. Most people say I inherited from my mother as she made travel a priority for our family’s lifestyle. That drive to explore and learn has only grown over the years.

AmazingLife.Guide was born out of that passion to create a nation of passionate individuals who have the same desire for discovery and to support them with events, resources and “road maps”.

Image of empowering terms written on a whiteboard during a self care workshop in Vancouver
It all started with a moment of vulnerability and passion. At the Women in Tech Regatta, I had the opportunity to “pitch a side hustle”. My logical brain was ready to pitch the Corporate Training & Workshops that I provide. But as I stood up, there was an instinctive switch to share an idea that simply was a concept.
One of the specific events for AmazingLife.Guide called Better Life Bootcamp was exactly that – a concept. But as a number of amazing individuals raised their hand asking how to sign up, it become a reality. My ideal client is young professionals who want to live a fuller, more sustainable and nourishing life.
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Life can be quite a challenge. I personally have encountered extremely rocky terrain, including battling depression. I was inspired to create this business because I believe with community, the right tools and direction, we can all be able to find the best paths for ourselves and regardless of the destination, we can all enjoy the journey.

Image of women give each other a high five and laughing during a self care workshop in Vancouver
I asked Tiffany what keeps her inspired in her business
My inspiration is derived from all the energy and positivity of the individuals with whom I work. One particular individual had a heartfelt conversation with me just the other evening. She was so grateful for finally finding a community of individuals who were empowering and supportive and shared the same values of living the best version of themselves. This deeply affected me as we reflected on the feeling of being lost or stranded, and having the guidance of a good framework and a community can make a world of difference.
Image of 3 women discussing a topic during a self care workshop in Vancouver

We can often live our lives on a very superficial level and hearing feedback of impact of vulnerability when in a supportive environment can be life-altering.


And some fun stuff about Tiffany

  • I have traveled to 6 of the 7 continents. I have Antarctica to round out the 7 planned for 2019.
  • Just like I lead at the “Intersection of Heart & Goal”, I live at the Intersection of Two Cultures.
  • I am proud to be both Filipino & Swiss and feel a richness in being able to connect with both heritages.
  • Meerkats are my spirit animal

Image of a group of women laughing and dancing during a self care workshop in Vancouver
Tiffany also has another workshop coming up in September 2018 – more details will be coming soon but if you are interest you can reach Tiffany at LinkedIn or on IG at @amazinglife.guide
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If you have any questions or would like to work with me, get in touch using the button below and we can arrange to have a chat.

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