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Are you showing your clients what keeps you recharged and passionate in your business? As small business owners, we so often have a very narrow focus on growing, maintaining and marketing our business babies. Showing personal stories can help connect you to your clients and keep you in their minds.

With social media becoming more highly curated, and social influencers flooding feeds, being authentic, approachable and even vulnerable online is now more valuable than ever. 

Authentic and approachable are some of the words used most often by clients during the consultation process when we work together on images for their small business.
Self care, being vulnerable and authentic are an important aspect of attracting and serving our clients. Our clients want to connect with us. They want to build a relationship and have trust in the service or product offered. 

One way of being authentic and showing vulnerability in business, is by showing your clients what keeps your passion for your business fuelled and recharged. And it doesn’t necessarily need to be directly related to the services you offer. 

As part of my Build your Brand packages, my clients can utilise their package hours across multiple sessions. 
For the most part, I encourage these clients to create sessions that will highlight the different aspects of their business.

For example, clients that are coaches, this may mean updating business portraits. Showing their work facilitating either individuals, or groups of people. Or showcasing their public speaking engagements and workshops. 

Dagmar from Courage Space Coaching has used her sessions in this way to illustrate the different services she provides. 

When discussing this sort of more personal session, she said that being in nature, hiking, trail running or mountain biking keeps her recharged most. Dagmar was a little hesitant at first to incorporate a mountain biking session.  So I coached the coach, and asked why she was resisting it.

Why a session showcasing your passions outside of business works

Consider these kinds of sessions like an extension of your brand persona. It can help create a more personal connection with your audience. These images should complement and add to your story about the creation and evolution of your business.
What ignited your passion
Why did you start your business
What keeps you grounded

As Dagmar asks her followers in her Instagram post below, “What sets your soul on fire?”.

For me, yoga is an integral part of my working week. I have found it so worthwhile to help keep the negative self talk at bay, if only for 60-75 minutes. 

I don’t feel on top of my game mentally or physically if I haven’t been to at least a couple of classes a week. 

What I found most interesting is heading back from this session with Dagmar, she mentioned that offering coach and ride sessions is something she would love to incorporate into her business.
Sometimes, it’s connecting with the things that give you the most joy, recharge and fuel you that will also connect you with new ideas and ways of connecting with clients. 

Also my best ideas are always during Shavasana/savasana.

Here are some more images from the mountain biking session with Dagmar at Mt Fromme on the North Shore. 

If you want to see what my Build your Brand packages are all about, and how some of my clients have ended up using them head on over to my info page.

Also check out the links to Dagmar below, especially if you are keen to do a coach and ride session. 

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