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Vancouver, bc

A yoga teacher sits in easy pose in a white room in front of windows at True Nosh Yoga by Vancouver business portrait and branding photographer Angela McConnell

Facilitator, guide & teacher behind the embodied Wild

Carmen comes from a background in Social Work, Advanced Breathwork Facilitation and Yoga teaching. 

Carmen predominantly works with mothers and daughters on relationship building and bonding workshops. 
She targets multiple age groups, from tween (8-13), teen (14-18) and adult partnerships. 
These workshops fall under the Wildflower Retreats brand.

Also offered are couples workshops (Wildfire Couples), and breathwork sessions (Wildroots Breathwork).

You can find Carmen at the icons below

Workshop & Retreat Coverage

I work with Carmen to capture moments  that attendees might not otherwise see. They have an opportunity to see their relationship reflected back to them. 

Also incorporated are mini mother & daughter portrait sessions. A few moments for mum’s and their kids to be silly and squeeze each other as tight as possible. 

Young girls stand with hand shaped into hearts looking over the water on a pebble beach at Halfmoon Haven in Sechelt BC

Business Portraits

We have also crafted some business portraits for Carmen. 
These can be used for events where she may be guest or co-hosting such as breathwork. 

Some images had Carmen offset so that she could use them as banner images, or add event details to the side. 

We also included some images that have significance to Carmen, crystals and other items from nature.

Select images from these workshops and retreats have been used throughout Carmen’s website to complement existing imagery from overseas events.  And to give a taste of what sort of connections these workshops can foster. 

At each workshop my goal is to give Carmen images that really convey the  connection between these partnerships.
While being respectful of these interactions, I try to capture the moments where emotions can be raw, whether laughter or tears. 

I also try to capture images where Carmen is actively engaged or interacting with attendees, and facilitating in a way that supports each woman or child. 

How this might work for your business;

Think about the areas of your business that currently are not being highlighted in the way you would like. 

Do you have new, or updated products and services coming to market in the next 6 to 12 months that need promotion.

How might updated images give a more well rounded view of your business that a single head shot does not.

Do you want images that focus on an aspect of personal life that will help your clients feel connected to a real person behind the business.

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