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Recently I worked with Dr Grace Lee to help update her branding imagery for her business, Mastery Insights. Grace is a neuroscience expert & CEO of career coaching firm Mastery Insights. She's created a global movement, Career Revisionist to transform lives. I've asked her to share her story of why she saw a need for what Mastery Insights & Career Revisionist offers, and how she serves her clients needs.

Woman in an outdoor natural light business portrait smiles by Vancouver business portrait and branding photographer Angela McConnell

I am a neuroscience expert and CEO of career coaching firm Mastery Insights, where I help professionals joyfully maximize their impact and potential in their life’s work. My approach uses brain-based coaching that integrates career and life.

I am on a mission to redefine modern education, teaching men and women how to unlock true vocational confidence and master their professional destinies.

Woman in an outdoor natural light business portrait smiles by Vancouver business portrait and branding photographer Angela McConnell

I also provide career training to small-to-medium sized companies, business-focused organizations, and universities. I am host of the Career Revisionist Podcast and YouTube Channel where I discuss career principles and strategies to experience greatness—an ultimate level of success and reward in work and life.

CAREER-DRIVEN WOMEN PROFESSIONALS & ENTREPRENEURS – The existence of women in the workforce as an impactful, committed, and ambitious presence provides a constant source of pressure. I provide training, career coaching and life coaching to address the most critical problems, questions, and roadblocks that are in their way. 

JOB SEEKERS – Along with my insider secrets, I offer a robust online quick start course to help job seekers stand out among the competition so that they can land their desired career opportunity. 

CONFERENCE & EVENT PLANNERS – I am a motivational and informative speaker on leadership, career transition and advancement, starting a business, and building a legacy. 

UNIVERSITIES & OTHER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS – The digital age has created a more connected, self-educated society. The modern education system needs to adapt to equip students with the skills to navigate their careers in today’s marketplace. I provide training on career growth strategies to improve their personal brand marketing and reach.

Woman in an outdoor natural light business portrait speaking with an ipad by Vancouver business portrait and branding photographer Angela McConnell

Mine is what I call a “David and Goliath” story. I spent most of my childhood as an orphan with no support, no place to call home. It wasn’t until I finally let go of my previous self-image as someone totally unworthy of love that I was intellectually capable of thinking about the future.
And I wouldn’t have been able to do that if it weren’t for the amazing couple who adopted me. 

Two years later, I learned to begin to trust their love and the care they offered, and developed a deep burning desire for a better future. One where I would have my own home, be independent, and give back to these wonderful people who gave me a second chance.
The only way I knew how to achieve that vision was act in accordance with what I’ve been told: go to school, get good grades, then get a safe and secure job.
I didn’t have any financial support, so I had to get resourceful to find a way to fund myself to my dreams. 

You know how they say that usually when people are in a ‘do or die’ situation, they tend to succeed? That was my own experience. When you’ve escaped the worst pain and trauma in your life, you don’t want to go back. 

Woman in an outdoor natural light business portrait smiles by Vancouver business portrait and branding photographer Angela McConnell

I had to learn to survive first, and then I learned to thrive. Sustained thriving requires forward thinking. And as I got older, I added more and more experiences to my years which gave me better frameworks upon which I planned for my future. 

I was accepted to the university of my choice on a scholarship that paid for my tuition and afforded room and board with the dollars I saved from waitressing tips. I had tapped into my potential and earned what I told myself was my “ticket to freedom”. Eventually, I earned my way up the academic ladder to earn a PhD. 

Throughout my 9 years in academia, I felt that there was something missing from the education system, but I didn’t have the words to describe it back then. Now, I became fully aware that the academic culture and its traditional measures of productivity impose values that often don’t align with the values of many soon-to-be graduates. Now I have a vernacular to describe it:

The education system is designed to give you the historical and technical knowledge focused around an offering of subjects, but it does not teach you how to make sense of the knowledge you’ve collected, how to organize it, how to apply it, and turn it into invaluable wisdom that puts money in the bank.
In other words, it does not teach you the career development education you need. 

During my PhD, I was committed to carrying out my personal mission to help my peers break through limitations that were holding them back from creating or pursuing opportunities outside the academic pillars. destinies.

This was when I discovered my calling as a career mentor and educator.
I started by running seminars and workshops in the classroom for graduate students on topics related to career development. This was my first foray into public speaking, personal development leadership, and advocacy. And it’s what set the foundation for where I am today.

This is What keeps Grace passionate in her business

For me, my life’s work is much more than my business. I have created a global movement that I called Career Revisionist. It’s a movement of individuals from all walks of life who are creating an inspired, purposeful, and abundant life.

My mission as I mentioned is to change lives. If I change one life, I also change a family. When one family changes, so does a neighborhood.
When one neighborhood changes, it affects a city.
A changed city impacts a state.
When a whole city changes, that changes a country.
You change a country, you can change the world.

Woman in an outdoor natural light business portrait smiles by Vancouver business portrait and branding photographer Angela McConnell

And some things about Grace you may not know;

  • I love public speaking. I was never afraid of it. In fact, whenever I'm on stage, I treat it like a performance.
  • I am trained in Muay Thai fighting. I trained under from some of the world's greatest legends in Thailand.
  • My adoptive parents are from Uganda, where they run an orphanage.

You can find out more about Grace’s work by clicking on the social icons below;

Join Grace for this special offer

I was recently invited to contribute as a career expert to an online summit called: CREATING YOUR “PERFECT WORK: How High-Achieving Women Go From Bored, Burned Out and Unfulfilled to Highly Paid Doing You Love.

In this platform, I share insights on how to reimagine your skills and experiences from the past so that you are packaged perfectly for whatever “next” looks like for you.

Want to get highly paid doing work you LOVE in 2020? Join me and 20 other experts as we reveal how high-achieving women can go from bored, burned out and unfulfilled to highly paid doing work they love. 

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