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Business Portrait and Branding Photography

in the greater Vancouver area

What do your current photographs say about your business?

Is your brand represented the way you envisaged in your marketing images?

Has your brand evolved over time? Do you need to update or refresh your images so they speak more to your brand, and ideal client?

I serve small business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs. My clients hire me to create images that will show a more rounded view of their business.
To help them show the essence of what makes them passionate about their work, and attract jobs or clients that are aligned with their values. 

imagery is everything

It can be confusing going through the process of updating your website with fresh images. But it is important to consider that images of you and your business, rather than stock photography, can help your ideal clients feel more connected to you and your purpose.

Professional images send a powerful message to your clients by capturing the essence of your brand. And the essence of your brand is everything.

designing your session

During the consultation process, we will discuss what sort of images you require;

Is it one or two images to update your LinkedIn or corporate profile?

Do you need a more rounded profile of your business as a whole?

Do you have new services or products coming to market in the coming year which you need to highlight?

Whatever your needs, the consultation process will give you an opportunity to communicate your ideas so that we can work together on images that you are excited to use. 

Image of a smiling woman with blonde hair wear a floral shirt under a blue blazer by Vancouver business portrait and branding photographer Angela McConnell


Doing my photos with Angela was so much fun! I was worried it would be awkward, but instead it was amazing and basically the most comfortable I’ve ever been in front of a camera.
My new headshots are gorgeous, and I am legitimately proud to put them on nearly everything I do now. 

Day-of, she helped keep a smile on my face by asking about a favourite funny moment from my life and then periodically referencing it throughout the shoot. 

How Do you want to use your images

  • A website update
  • Social Media profile pictures for LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.
  • Print Marketing material for business cards, promo cards or brochures
  • Magazine articles, abstracts or blog submissions

Many clients are now opting for a full personal branding session. Creating images that are really versatile and can be used across multiple and marketing. 

Don’t be limited to using just one image and instead show a more rounded business profile.

Flexible hourly packages that give you the freedom to choose how you would like to use your photography budget.

  • Business Portraits
  • Environmental Portraits
  • Workshop or retreat coverage
  • Speaking engagements
  • Pop up events or market stalls


It was a pleasure to work with Angela. She is active, easygoing and ready to answer your questions 24/7.

I was kinda stressed to be photo shoot at the beginning but Angela relaxed me and environment overall was very friendly.

I liked photos very much! Thanks again! Recommend


Mastery Insights

I selected Angela among a sea of local photographers in Vancouver to help me create a portfolio for my business. She was always accommodating, cheerful, and so attentive to every detail in every pose.
During every photo session I felt relaxed because I could completely trust that Angela knew what she was doing and could make every image look flattering.
The images were amazing and her edits were professional.
She really has an eye for detail and connecting with exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Angela for your gift!

Business portrait of a corporate coach smiling at the camera on a light background by Vancouver business portrait and branding photographer Angela McConnell


Liberate Leadership

My recent branding photoshoot with Angela was phenomenal.
Angela’s warm authenticity made me feel comfortable, and she went the extra mile with little extra touches, on the day of the shoot.

And the photos were fantastic – I never knew I could look so good.
As someone with very high standards, I would recommend Angela to anyone, in a heartbeat!

Ready for more information?

The next step is to fill out the form below.  Then we can arrange a complimentary consultation to give you all the information you need.
And also answer any questions you may have.

Black and white portrait of a mature model with long silver hair by Vancouver contemporary portrait photographer Angela McConnell
Contemporary Portraits
Women smile during an exercise at a courage and bravery workshop by Vancouver workshop and retreat photographer Angela McConnell
Workshops, Retreats & Events
Business portrait of a woman with red curly long hair in a white shirt on a turquoise background smiling at the camera by Vancouver business portrait and branding photographer Angela McConnell
Business & Branding
A Nova Scotia Duck Toller puppy snuggles on the couch during a portraits for pets session by Vancouver photographer Angela McConnell
Portraits for Pets