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Birthday portraits of a woman in a red lace dress with stacked silver necklaces and red lipstick by Vancouver contemporary portrait photographer Angela McConnell

Birthday Portraits 2017

I share my birthday portraits 2017 – aged 38 This year for my birthday portraits, I decided to buck my regular trend and actually wear colour for once! This year was a gloomy day, so I pulled the strobes out to have a bit of a play. I would love Read more…

Two people snowshoeing emerging in between snow covered trees at the Dog Mountain lookout in Vancouver, BC

Snowshoeing New Years Eve

A new tradition of snowshoeing in Vancouver on New Years Eve is started. Last year we were living in Toronto and decided that we should plan a trip Christmas trip to Vancouver to visit friends who had recently moved the previous summer. We had tried to go snowshoeing on Boxing Read more…

Kitsilano winter wonderland with a park bench overlooking the water at Kitsilano Yacht Club looking towards West Vancouver on a snowy day in Vancouver BC

Kitsilano winter wonderland

If you were anywhere in metro Vancouver yesterday you would of course know that it snowed a bit yesterday. And as a result it was a Kitsilano winter wonderland. Like everyone else, I was posting lots of images on my Instagram stories feed of snow falling and traffic struggling to Read more…

Abstract image of the exterior architecture of EMP in Seattle

Seattle – Pt II

More from our trip to Seattle, including a visit to the EMP I only allowed myself to bring 2 lenses on this trip. I packed my Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm  f2.8 and the Canon “pancake” 40mm f2.8 lenses. I had been thinking about buying a 35mm legacy lens but wanted Read more…