An evening with Annie Thompson Designs

You might remember that last year I was able to shoot some images using clothing from Toronto studio – Annie Thompson Designs.  I was invited back at the end of summer to shoot an evening with Annie’s clients and friends unveiling her new season’s collection, a few nibbles and bubbles Read more…

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Tell your Story – Veronica

I have been really lucky to shoot some inspirational women lately and I want to bring their stories to you. Everyone has a story (whether they believe it or not) and I really believe in recording these stories for future generations (check out my post about what has inspired me Read more…

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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes – Norma

You will probably remember the gorgeous session that I had with Norma, and if you don’t then you should definitely check out the blog post here. I was very lucky to have designer Annie Thompson contribute some of her awesome clothing to the shoot, after Norma had interviewed her and Read more…

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