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Flat lay of vintage telephone, camera and stationary design

Why I chose portrait photography

This is why I chose portrait photography as a point of focus in my business. I am a member of quite a few networking groups geared towards women, or women in creative fields around Vancouver. At these groups, you are often asked to pitch about your business, and express your Read more…

Geoff Lester | Photography by Angela McConnell

Another Update

I have been super quiet on  my blog lately…life has really just got in the way and I have been struggling to balance all areas of my life. Geoff opted to go ahead with reconstructive surgery after his emergency sub total colectomy last year which resulted in a temporary ileostomy. Read more…

Toronto Corporate Head Shot Photography

The Challenge – an update

An update about Geoff’s journey with his ostomy post surgery. You may remember back in February I posted about a couple of challenges we had faced at the start of 2014.  This post , which included the little hospital stay montage Well we are now coming up for 11 weeks Read more…


The Challenge that is 2014

Today is the second anniversary of our arrival in Toronto. I remember riding in the taxi to the airport on a stunning, clear and sunny 38 degree day. I was desperately sad to be leaving my beloved Melbourne (truly one of my soul cities along with London), but also incredibly Read more…