My Mannequinn Obsession

So I have a slight obsession with mannequins, I don’t find them creepy but they do tend to start me off on a full blown auto-rant.

Maybe it started back in DIC in Wanganui in the mid 80’s, when my younger brother tried to shake a mannequin’s hand and it came off…

More likely that they rub me up the wrong way entirely (if you know me well, then you know this isn’t hard to do…LOL)

Basically it really pisses me off how mannequinns are designed to make clothes look fantastic but portray a completely unrealistic body image to women in particular. I lost the plot when the “plus sized” shop down the road from work has larger mannequinns, but with collarbones you could slice bread on. Are they still subconsiously trying to push to bigger women that it really isn’t ok to be larger than a size 8.

Maybe I take it too personally, maybe though I shouldn’t have to look in the mirror everyday and worry that I am not living up to the expectations of the fashion industry and women around me. Maybe I should be able at 30 to love the way I look and not feel guilty that I didn’t go to the gym today, or caved in again and ate that bar of chocolate….

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Lucky Legs

A Shadow of my Former Self

Big Girls Dont Cry


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