Skate of Origin 2: VRDL vs ADRD

Photography by Angela McConnell

Another amazing night of derby…I completely lost the plot by the final few jams and had completely forgotten to take photos – which didnt really matter since the whole crowd was on their feet by that stage anyway πŸ™‚

It was great to see such a big turnout, once again I was running late and ended up a few rows back, missing out on prime Suicide Corner action but still got a nice shooting position.
Also was really awesome to see Tonka, Betty Bamalam and BB Bombshell being interviewed for the 7pm Project on Channel 10 – the interview with Tonka can be found here

Bout 1 Geelong Bloody Marys vs VRDL Big City Bruisers

9 Lives Isis seems to have skates that just stick to the rink – this girl never seems to fall down!! After a hard bout in which one the Bloody Marys is attended by paramedics for a wrist injury, they take out the win over the Big City Bruisers

Bout 2 ADRD Adeladies vs VRDL All Stars

Amazing Amazing bout – goes into double extra time after a draw at 122 all then 131 all in first extra time with the Adeladies taking it out 136 to VRDL 134…

The Adeladies sure know how to work a crowd too – with an awesomely funny intro and very vocal cheer squad!

To see more photos from the night visit my Zenfolio page and look for the VRDL folder

Next bout September 19
Puckhandlers, Reservoir


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