Pump up the Jam!

The rise of the Resevoir Dolls….

Another great night of Derby last weekend. The VRDL debut a new team, spawned by the fresh meat intake at the start of 2009, The Resevoir Dolls. The goss on the inside says that the Dolls name is short lived however, due to a team in the states already claiming the name. So stay tuned for a revised name appearing soon…
Well done to everyone who made it out on a dark and stormy night to support the VRDL

Highlights of the night would have to have been…

the showdown between Denim Destructor (Double Dee) and Kittie von Krusher, I have never seen Kittie so angry before! Made for some interesting jams later on in the evening!

the advent of the fresh meat, in particular Foxy Terrier and Kitty DeCapitate. Kitty has some amazing pace, although would have loved to see her extend the jams a bit longer…

Resevoir Dolls were downed by the experienced Toxic Avengers but will be bouncing back with the next bout

24th October see the VRDL site for more details and tickets

To see more photos visit my Zenfolio page and look for the Pump up the Jam folder..


3 thoughts on “Pump up the Jam!

  1. I am always scared to go for a second scoring pass if the other jammer is on my tail. I’d rather end it 4-0 than risk it 4-4 and then have to call it off if I get in trouble on the next pass….but maybe I should throw caution to the wind a bit more!! xo


  2. Hello! Great pics and write ups! Just thought I’d let you know I wasn’t part of the VRDL fresh meats though…I’ve transferred from London where I was playing with the London Rollergirls πŸ™‚

    See ya next time…I’ll try to extend those jams for you πŸ˜‰


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