Frightening Strikes!

Photography by Angela McConnell

And I am converted….
I am now a hardcore Reservoir Dolls fan…gotta love an underdog – especially when they step up to the mark and pull off the win

Sorry Rosies, but be heartened that you still have a massive fan in the McConnell-Lester household and he cant believe that I am a Dolls supporter. πŸ˜›

Another amazing bout, it would have to be one of the hardest hitting matches I have seen, with Bustup Bambi from the Rosies appearing to cop it left, right and centre. She took one of the biggest hits I have witnessed, I swear she had to be at least a metre in the air after a block to the chest from Misty Peaks (aka Hotrod Stacey). To her absolute credit, she got up and kept going…

Kitty DeCapitate again had a great bout and after a slowish start, had an absolute blinder against the very impressive Skate Bush in the final Jam to take out the win. Hidden Magenta, Skate Bush and Berzerker from the Rosies went hard to take out a lead against the Dolls towards the end of the first half but a strong fight back from BB Bombshell (loved the outfit), Kitty DeCapitate and Foxy Terrier kept the Dolls within striking distance.

Final score Reservoir Dolls 156 – Dead Ringer Rosies 151

Grand final on December 5 – teams to TBC

The VRDL have really come into their own this year and the fact that they consistantly have to turn people away from the door is a testament to the hard work and determination they have all put in to promote themselves. If you want to see a bout, you will need to turn up early or purchase an online ticket from their blog

Next bout

Saturday November 14 – Dead Ringer Rosies vs Toxic Avengers
Cnr Blake & Davis St, Reservoir

To see all the photos visit my Zenfolio page


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