My New Love

About 3 months ago I discovered early 20th Century Photography and how completely awesome it is!


Image by Alfred Cheney Johnston

The tones are absolutely amazing.

Whilst on my travels for more vintagey goodness I happened across contemporary photographer using processes common to the early 20th Century photographers. Mark Sink uses Wet Collodion plates to achieve some truly amazing imagery.

So this sent me off on a little tangent to try and replicate some of the tones in Lightroom by tweaking some existing B&W presets and mixing with some Follies inspired presets I had created.

This was the result…

(Model is Leo)

So its not exact by any stretch, Lightroom doesn’t exactly give you the flexibility of adding texture but I did shoot at a reasonably high ISO to get a bit of grain. It did however, encourage me to do a happy dance for Geoff to indicate I was reasonably impressed with the effect. And it means that I think I am heading down the right track with my project for 2010.

To see more from the Kommune shoots see my Zenfolio page or my Kommune gallery

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