Movember Proskate Awareness..

Photography by Angela McConnell

There was a moment of panic when we rocked up at 6.15pm just as the sign went up saying “Event Almost SOLD OUT”. Given that I never seemed to be organised when it comes to anything photography related, and that normally Geoff buys his ticket at the door, we were crapping ourselves..
Gallantly, Geoff offered to sit in the car for the bout, but LUCKILY he managed to get one of the last tickets..YAY!

So the Movember bout was between Toxic Avengers and Dead Ringer Rosies, with the girls parading their best mo’ styles to support the Movember charities Beyond Blue and Prostate Cancer.

Yet another hard hitting bout with the old rivalry between the Rosies and Avengers with Berzerker getting sent off and Punani Tsunami keeping the seats warm in the sin bin. Punani is heaps fun to shoot – as soon as she gets hit, you know she is going to get straight up and target the offender.

So after a punishing and agressive bout, the Rosies take it out (which Geoff loved)
Dead Ringer Rosies 142 vs Toxic Avengers 118

So here are some shots from the night

Next bout
Cnr Blake & Davis St, Reservoir
Saturday December 5 2009
Tickets available online from the VRDL blog THIS BOUT WILL SELL OUT!

To see more photos from the bout visit my Zenfolio page and look for the Movember folder


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