Crash-Endo!! The FINALE!

Photography by Angela McConnell

Sigh…all good things must come to an end 😦 But never fear, Derby will be back in 2010! But what a crazy insane year that was – awesome, awesome bouts so I think I will have to devote a whole blog post to my favourite Derby shots for 2009 – watch out!

Anyhoo back to the story.

Crashendo was the Season 4 finale held at Puckhandlers on December 5. This was a completely SOLD OUT bout – tickets were GORN 10 days before the big day! Dont say you weren’t warned and thank goodness I remembered to buy Geoff a ticket the Monday after the Movember bout!

Another AMAZING bout – Dead Ringer Rosies and the Toxic Avengers squared up to be the champions of VRDL Season 4. You always know its going to be good, when you are nearly flattened by a skater in the first 5 minutes.
The Toxics seemed to have the bout under control with some great scores racked up by jammers Kittie von Krusher and Swish Cariboom. Swish had a great bout – she is going to be a force to be reckoned with in Season 5, she really seems to have picked up some speed after her first few bouts and was blasting through the pack.
So Geoff was starting to look a little sad, since his beloved Rosies were falling behind (unfortunately he hasnt quite managed to deck himself out in pink yet, but i will have him in a skirt an angel wings…maybe if I let him have long hair and an awesome beard like the rest of the Rosies Cheer Squad…hmm).

So second half was looking good for the Toxics with the points racking up on the leaderboard and leaving the Rosies a fair bit of work to do. With minutes remaining on the leaderboard..Skate Bush pulls out the most amazing jams to take out the bout Rosies 132 to Toxics 128. Pretty much the whole crowd was on their feet screaming, yelling, clapping, making loud noises in the last few passes. Truly awesome atmosphere.

Special mention for the biggest stack of the night and the “OMG the looks like its going to leave a mark” award….would have to go to You Sooz You Lose. Sooz launched herself across the track to take out the jammer…gotta admire the committment shown but I hope you are feeling better Sooz.

Final Score
Dead Ringer Rosies 132 to Toxic Avengers 128

Thanks ladies for a great year – it has been so much fun to shoot and will see you all again in 2010 for Season 5…

Here are some shots from the night. More can be viewed at my Zenfolio page


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