Welcome to 2010 Burlesque style

Photography by Angela McConnell

After a fairly long break from the blog, I am back for 2010. I can’t believe that it is already February and I have been flat out for most of January, with more of the same planned for the next couple of months! Luckily I enjoy being a busy bee!

So I have been lucky enough to be invited to shoot a few performances already this year. Burlesque Bar has primped and preened itself over the Christmas break and has come back with its beautiful offerings of Burlesque Friday and Saturday.

Its been great to discover some new faces (well to me anyway, but well known on the Burlesque scene), and some new saucy acts by my favourite ladies.
Here is a selection of photos from performances from Friday 22nd January and Saturday 23rd January at Burlesque Bar…

22nd January


Lady Chocolat

Stage Kitty – Katja

Lady Chocolat

Rosy Rabbit

Rosy Rabbit

23rd January

Honey B. Goode



Stage Kitty – Katja

Honey B. Goode


Femme C – Madame Natalia

Femme C and Stage Kitty



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