Old Hollywood Glamour…

Photography by Angela McConnell

I have recently been working on a small project which has now sadly taken over the Follies (which I am still working towards). After purchasing “Hollywood Glamour Portraits – Photos of Stars 1926 – 1949 (Edited by John Kobal)” I was bitten by the Hollywood Glamour bug. There were many photographers of note in this era, but I was particularly struck by the work of George Hurrell and his use of light in his imagery. His work can be identified by high contrast and fall off of light and creamy, porcelain skin. I am under the impression that there was a lot of post work done, as I believe that his preference was for models/starlets with little or no obvious makeup which is not apparent in the final image.

Here is an example of some of George Hurrell’s work

George Hurrell

So I have enlisted the help of some of my beautiful and talented Burlesque friends from Melbourne to help to recreate some Old Hollywood Glamour…this is my take on the era…

With thanks to my talented models Rosy Rabbit, Miss Nic, Samantha Diamond, Scarlett and Kerry X



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