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Photography by Angela McConnell

ATROCITY – Cabaret du Grand Guignol
Burlesque Bar
Johnston St

I had the honour of photographing the Black Carpet premiere of Atrocity on Good Friday. First of all it somewhat blew my mind to see two of my shots blown up to A2 poster size in real life – actually it was kind of freaky. Not as freaky as the performance…

Right from the start it had me on edge….the use of music and ominous atmosphere for what felt like forever and of course I was the one that got a fright and pretty much shrieked when it got going.

The players gave an incredibly powerful performance which is not for the faint of heart – at times it was very confronting – but was also intensely thought provoking. I spent most of the following morning telling the other half all about it and it kept me thinking for days.

Congratulations to all the cast for an amazing breath of fresh air and I hope we see much more to come

Aton De Lorde
Veritas (Truth)
Forma (Beauty)
Atrocitas (Horror)

To see more from Atrocity head to the website or my Zenfolio page


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