VRDL Birthday Bash

Photography by Angela McConnell

Saturday 17th April saw Bout 2 of the 2010 season of the Victorian Roller Derby League. The Birthday Bash saw the two original teams line up against each other with Dead Ringer Rosies and the Toxic Avengers fielding guest skaters to fill gaps due to injury.

This bout seemed a lot slower and more strategic than most, but was also an excellent display of blocking and teamwork. To check out some of the live action visit YouTube to catch Channel 9’s coverage of this bout. Highlight of the clip would have to be when the reporter stacks it at the end…

A quick note also to all you derby devotees or potential attendees – tickets go on sale for the next bout Metal Mayhem on Saturday 8th May at the VRDL website or at Poison City Records or Route 66 (city and Prahran stores). You better get in quick because tickets sold out in 10 hours for the birthday bash and “you sooz you lose”…

To see more photos visit my Birthday Bash album on Zenfolio


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