Australian Burlesque Festival – Baby Bombshells

Photography by Angela McConnell

The final Melbourne show of the Australian Burlesque Festival was the Baby Bombshells. This was a chance for Burlesque performers with less than 2 years performing experience to showcase their acts. It was refreshing to see some new faces and I think that Burlesque will be well served by these up and coming performers in the next couple of years.

Backstage @ Baby Bombshells

Poppy Cherry Backstage

Backstage @ Baby Bombshells

Poppy Cherry

Lux St Sin

Lady Chocolat

Becky Lou

Holly J’adoll

Cat Of Nine Tails

Belle Minou

Loli Box

Honey B Goode

And the winner is…Honey B Goode

I apologise profusely for those that I havent been able to tag with names – it has been some time since the performance and now I am in my dirty thirties, I find the mind isn’t quite what it once was! Please feel free to get in touch or comment so that I can name the missing performers!

To see more from the Baby Bombshells performance visit my ABF gallery

Thanks ABF 2010 – it was awesome and I cant wait for ABF 2011


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