Gorelesque 2!

Photography by Angela McConnell

Friday August 13th brought us the return of Gorelesque, the brainchild of Vesper White and Miss Nic which was held at Red Bennies in Chapel St.

The scene was set with ghoulish go-go girls (the lovely Lux St Sin and Bec) and then opened with a fantastic short film (I will link to it when it is online – it really is quite an awesome watch) with the Gorelesque cast taking on some zombies…

Vesper opened the show with her twist on Frankenstein’s monster (she’s ALIVE!!), and can I just say I LOVE STROBE!

Next up was Betty Blood – taking care of some business..

Then Rosy Rabbit incarnated as Kali the Indian Goddess of Time and Change (who also likes a bit of slaying in her spare time)

Foxtrot India showed a knack for science as Marie Curie (and an awesome skin care regime)

Rod Lara tried not to vomit when conducting some Enya

Tank got the job done with some staples (this REALLY SCARED me!)

La Viola Vixen kept suprising us with Dalmations that just kept popping up everywhere

Anton De Lorde and Madame Natalia reminded us that fame comes with a price


Miss Nic took a bite out of a heart…. in a Twin Peaks inspired act…..BUT SHE TOOK A BITE OUT OF A HEART




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