Help Ingrid’s Haven

Photography by Angela McConnell

When Geoff and I moved to Melbourne, we decided that we were well and truly ready to get a cat. I have had cats since I was 6 or 7 years old and was really missing not having any feline company since moving to Australia. We briefly had a house cat called Rah when we were flatting in Canberra and it almost felt like she was ours, so we were devastated when we moved and her owner gave her away.

Geoff and I looked a couple of times for a kitten of our own, we tried Lort Smith and the RSPCA out in Burwood but it was still quite early in the kitten season (being August) and luckily for the shelters there hadn’t been many surrenders at that stage. Eventually I found Ingrid’s Haven website and completely fell in love with a little boy on their called Lloyd. He and his sister had photos on the site and after pleading with Geoff (and pretty much telling him we were getting these cats whether he liked it or not) rang Ingrid. Lloyd’s little sister already had a home but he had another brother that was available for adoption. So I took a trip out to Wallan on a day off and picked up Lloyd and Lucas. Now for you who do know my cats….Ingrid did warn me that Lloyd would be a lot of cat to handle (no points for guessing who I am talking about!).

And so Rastus and Perrin came into our lives. Although we have our ups and downs with Rastus we are so glad that we have our little furbabies and thankful that Ingrid let us take them.

Ingrid is an amazing woman. She runs a self funded shelter, along with support from volunteers and generous people who help by sponsoring cats awaiting adoption. What makes Ingrid even more special is that she runs a no-kill shelter and rescues animals on death row at other shelters.
Now Ingrid needs to find a new place to live as the owner of her rental is returning to live in the property. To help relieve some of the pressure, Friends of The Cat Haven are running a drive to raise funds to support the day to day cost of running the shelter when Ingrid finds a new home.

Please note – Ingrid will not accept surrenders from the public, if you wish to surrender an animal please contact your local RSPCA branch.

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