Xmas comes early

Photography by Angela McConnell

So this Xmas will have a few firsts for Geoff and me. The first year that we will be spending Xmas in the house we purchased, the first time we have spent Xmas in Melbourne and the first time we both will be working through the Xmas holidays. Normally Geoff and I have to split Xmas holiday between Canberra and Whanganui, but this year its Melbourne all the way baby!!

Since it is the first Xmas in our house, I decided to head out and get a Xmas tree today and decided to decorate early. Really I was inspired by Cari and her early decorating spree although I am not nearly as handy with the crafts as Cari is.

Anyway so I have decided on a blue and silver themed Xmas tree – I love silver and blue! Its actually weird decorating the tree with new ornaments. I have been so used to decorating with ornaments from my childhood which are obviously now over 30 years old so buying all these new ornaments and starting from scratch is strange in a way.

So here is the finished product! The cats have only tried to eat the tree twice and aren’t really all that interested in the ornaments yet which is an improvement over Cefa who sees the xmas tree as climbing practice!

A little taste of Kiwiana – the Buzzy Bee proudly takes on the angel spot on top of the tree


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